Nicki's Bio

Nicki grew up on an acreage north of Kearney and has been singing publicly since her first solo in the first grade.  Through high school she excelled in vocal and instrumental contests earning her a Vocalist of the Year Award and numerous talent contest wins.

After high school, she continued her journey through college and taught elementary school for several years.  In 1995, Nicki responded to a national talent search for a Nashville based TV show.  After performing on the show, she recorded two demos accompanied by some of Nashville’s best musicians including Mike Chapman (Garth Brook’s bass guitarist), who would later become her producer on her next project. 

In 2005, she teamed up with Mike Chapman and recorded four more songs.  Again, working with Nashville’s best.  As fate would have it the head engineer on her project was Frank Green.  She spent the next several years performing with a band, however, life took a different turn and she decided to put her music career on hold so she could raise her kids and pursue her nursing career.

Over the next several years Nicki kept in contact with Mike Chapman.  He always encouraged her to continue her project and follow her dreams.  In 2016, Mike passed away from cancer which was devastating to all who knew him.  Shortly after, Frank Green with Skytone Entertainment and Nicki decided to team up to honor Mike’s wish of continuing a project and to pursue her dream in country music.   She recently recorded several new songs and will be releasing her first single to every major radio station in the US and Canada!!!  She will be to an event or venue near you very soon!!